I don't live in Vancouver, Canada. 

Can I fly you to me?** 

Absolutely! I'm quite fond of starting airplane

sing-a-longs to popular 70's songs with the flight attendants in Business Class. 

I'm delighted to offer "Fly-Me-To-You" rates. Whether you'd like to spend time together in your city, or fly away to an exotic location for some fun in the sun... anything is possible! 

All that I require is...

  •   Your deposit paid in advance

  •   Your completed screening (see below)

  •   An idea about the kind of date you'd love to experience

  • **Please note that as of February 2020, I will not be available for flights outside of Canada. 

Do you see older gentlemen? 

Indeed I do.

Age is but a number, and I tend to look more closely at other things.

For example: Are you polite?

Do you like Pina Coladas...and getting caught in the rain? 

Do you treat others with respect?

If you answered "yes" to all of those things, I would love to meet you!


Do you see couples? 


If you'd like to book time for you and your partner, please double my hourly rate. For couples, a minimum 3 hour date is required to book, though a 4-6 hour booking is recommended. 

How does your screening  process work?

From each client I require at least TWO (2) references

from two independent Companions/Providers, current within one year.

Please be sure to include the professional name, phone number, 

email addresses and websites of your two references.

If this is your first session with a Provider (congratulations!)

or you haven't seen a Provider within the past year,

a photo of your government-issued photo ID,

along with your professional LinkedIn profile will suffice for screening purposes.

Please note that all information used for screening is promptly deleted and erased once screening is completed. 

Do you require a deposit to book?

In many professional industries, deposits are standard policy when booking an appointment. When you book a session, you will be expected to provide a deposit for 50% of the booking total.

This deposit can be provided via e-transfer (online banking) to an email address that I will provide for you.

If you'd like to provide an in-person deposit, arrangements can be made (within reason).

What is your Cancellation Policy? 

For bookings in Vancouver, I require a minimum of 48 hours notice to reschedule.

Your 50% deposit is for a specific date. 

In the event of a reschedule with less than 48 hours notice,

your 50% deposit will be retained as a "Late Notice/Late Cancellation" fee.

To book a future session, you will need to provide a new deposit.


If you do happen to reschedule our date more than 48 hours

ahead of time, that's perfect - life events happen,

and that is always understood. In this case, your 50% deposit

will be applied to a specific future date.