As a lover of music, 

theater and the arts...

As a lover of music, 

theater and the arts...

...there is nothing I adore more

than sharing memorable experiences, 

and summer in Vancouver encapsulates

all of the golden, glimmering memories

waiting to be made.

Bard on the Beach Festival 6 hours

Bard on the Beach Festival 6 hours

For the theater and Shakespeare enthusiast!

From June to September in Vancouver, "Bard on the Beach" provides engaging entertainment and beautiful views along Vanier Park... making for a fun, exciting date night! For those who enjoy a libation with their Shakespeare, there is a bar/concession. Some Shakespeare, some private time afterwards... a total of five hours of fun and frivolity! To be, or not to be: that is the question. If the theatre gets your imagination going, or you've never experienced Bard on the Beach... perhaps now is the time!

Boating at Granville Island: 4-6 hours 

If you’ve ever dreamed of renting a speedboat in the summertime to cruise the beautiful ocean, this is the date for you! 

Meeting at Granville Island, we'll rent a GT Deluxe 115 horsepower boat (2-4 hours) and ride around the harbour. Whether you’d like a slow ride or something with more adrenaline, we’re sure to see bald eagles, seals and other wildlife. The perfect summer day date! Bring your sunblock, beach shoes and bathing suit— we’re about to get wet!  No Boating License required— only I.D. and a deposit for the boat rental company.  

Dinner with a film: 3.5-4.5 hours

Let’s grab a delicious dinner at the restaurant of your choice, and catch a film in the downtown core at Scotiabank Theater. Or, let’s have dinner after the film so we can pontificate on the plot!


Art gallery:  3 hours

Stroll along hand in hand with me, admiring the latest installations at the Vancouver Art Gallery while we point out our favourite works. Afterwards, let’s get a coffee or cocktail at Hotel Georgia’s Bel Café across the street.