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Evelyn Rose 

At a glance:

A passionate traveler with a deep appreciation for music, accompanied by an insatiable appetite for sharing intimate experiences...

Pick a record...


Are you located in a city where I'm not? Fly me to you!

I love to travel - in fact it's one of my favourite ways to spend my time, and I'd love to meet you in your city.

We can spend the weekend at the beach in California, or a week in the Maldives.

I'm also available to discuss

a Train-Me-To-You, depending on the location of the destination.

My passport is ready, my suitcase is packed. 

Let's indulge.


Nervous? First time experiencing the world of the demimonde? If you'd prefer spending quality time getting to know each another in public, I'd love to meet you for a social date.


Perfect for enjoying a concert you've been looking forward to, sharing laughs over a coffee or cocktail, having dinner at your favourite restaurant, visiting an arcade or watching a new film you've been wanting to see.

I'm also partial to a walk on the beach or a picnic. You name it, let's do it.


Wanting to experience an entirely different vibration?
You bring the music, I'll bring the moves...

This is best experienced by those who find themselves desirous of a deeper connection. A step above a social date, and behind closed doors.


Dates that are two hours or longer are my favourite.

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