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Hello there, my name is Evelyn.

At a glance, you’ll see that I’m a lover of music, pleasure, nature, and connection. When we meet, the first thing you’ll notice are my sparkling baby blue eyes and my soft blonde hair (which falls gracefully down and past my shoulders). My smile is luminous and I'm often told that my photos don't do me justice. I have a sundry sense of humor and my soft, naturally authentic laughter will help you to feel at ease on our first date.

On weekends, you'll find me thoughtfully flipping through stacks of old records or slowly perusing antique shops, before heading to a local restaurant to people watch. I love drinking in the pages of a good book before walking to the beach to watch the waves crash. The ocean is my favourite place to be and I always appreciate a beautiful seaside getaway; if there is an ocean view, you’ll find me there with a soft sweater and my warm demeanor. 

Art in all of its forms is where my attention stays. Poetry, travel, slow seduction, the warm touch of an attentive lover... these are the things that light me up and I love connecting with likeminded people. All races, genders, ages and body types are welcome with me - I don't judge, nor do I discriminate. Respect, hygiene and manners are my priorities when considering a lover... if you possess all three, your experience with me will be consummate.   

My love of connection - and everything that connection encompasses - lends itself beautifully to my trysts. If you love authentic experiences with a comfortable cadence, you’ll love the time we spend together.

I can't wait to meet you...  

Evelyn  xo

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